Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas

Another year is almost past and Christmas is just over a day away. We have gotten a lot of snow and Christmas will most certainly be a white one. Although my posting has been sporadic again, this year has been a very busy and good one for gaming. My Tékumel group is going gangbusters and the guys have gotten into quite a pickle. Although we are only able to meet monthly at this time the games have been very productive for the most part. Unfortunately I’m located in the east end of the city and the rest of the group is closer to the downtown, which results in a long travel time to get to my place, even though everyone drives. I think that we will try playing on Hangouts in the New Year so that we can increase our gaming frequency.  I have been posting some of their adventures here if you are interested. The Sons’ of the Vríddi are mine. A regular participant on the RPGSite, and someone that I consider a friend of mine, Asen G., created the blog as a venue for to share Tékumel adventures, and dispel the myth that it’s too hard to game on Tékumel. It really is worth taking a look at as there are some great session/game reports posted there.   

I have been enjoying RPGs since the autumn of 1982 when I first discovered D&D. As it happened I became the DM in my first gaming group. This has largely continued up to the present with two exceptions: a campaign run by one of oldest friends, Larry, and one which is being run by my new friend Ben. The first game was in the early 90s and lasted for about a year or so, on and off, and was where my alter-ego Shemek came into being. The second game has been progress or two years and is one that I joined only a couple of months ago. Both games have one thing in common –great DMs who are evocative and can paint a vivid picture with words. Their campaign worlds are quite different but both have (had) elements of what I would call the Weird in them, others might call it creepy. I for one love this type of game world, as the Tolkienesque tropes have become, for lack of a better word, stultifying. I just can’t stomach the thought of another orc, elf, or dwarf. It was the lack of these beings that first drew me to Tékumel all those years ago, and has kept me there. Playing is a blast and has been a welcome change. If anyone is interested Ben’s game-blog may be found here:

More tomorrow, and if not, Santa Ssü wishes a Merry Christmas to those reading this blog.

Shemek hiTankolel
(aka Evan N.)

Hó Hó Hó

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