Sunday, November 20, 2016

The last few months have been quite hectic in the "real world" and what little free time I have has been mostly spent on prepping for my game. The campaign that I started in April has continued to gain momentum. We had a new player join the group recently and he has really gelled with the rest of the party. He has never gamed with our group and he brings an interesting approach to the table. As a result of this addition our sessions have been a lot more boisterous than usual and he really is a wild card as far as what his character's motivations are. All in all a great infusion into what was already a steady and creative group of players! 
I am still debating whether to keep this a purely Pecháni blog or make it a Tékumel blog. We'll see...
I recently found a blog, which has sadly become defunct, called The Shen Blog.
Created by one of MAR Barker's players, who also happened to be one the illustrators of Swords and Glory, this blog is hilarious. His game reports, which I believe are from one of Chirine ba Kal's old campaigns,  had me in stitches the first time I read them. Certainly worth a peak in my opinion. It really is a shame that he walked away from it.   

Medium Infantryman, Nchésh of the Ever-Present Power