Tuesday, December 06, 2016


Ok, things are beginning to calm down in the "real world" and I'll be putting up some new stuff in the next couple of days. I just updated my post from July 23, 2016. For some reason I didn't include the section on Tomb Police in the initial posting and I have rectified that now.
 In the mean while, I have included a most curious image that was presented to the Chægósh. Recently an expedition returned from Ssuyál, and they brought back with them several functioning devices of the ancients, including one which was able produce an exact reproduction of what we normally would only see with our eyes. The image below is of warriors from the Nchésh of the Protectors of Life, and the Nchésh of the Dragon outside of the Royal Palace in Mechanéno. This device is currently being examined by the Lord Pogórto Nradésu, Patriarch of the Temple of Tsómeq, to determine what else it may be able to do. 

Pecháni Royal Guard.

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